Located in Bibbiano – the cradle of Parmigiano Reggiano – Salumificio Leoni, born as a food shop in 1960, is located at the foot of Reggio Emilia hills and not far from the Parma ones. They are the places of national food and wine excellence. We are in Emilia, who have always been cradles of original and inimitable products, a land of culinary excellence in which tradition for the workings of the past, the experience and the passion for the uniqueness of the products blend perfectly.

We want to continue in this direction: with the heart to the past, the taste of the genuine and the good, but with the mind to new technologies to ensure healthy and balanced products and a service attentive to the needs of customers (our products are free from gluten , Polyphosphates and milk derivatives).

Give people good things to eat: here’s our concern!

Because we want to enjoy a slice of Roast Culatello, Balsamic Bowl, Bacon Pancetta or Grilled Ham, all with the Leoni brand, is a unique and inimitable taste experience for you. And to do this we engage every day and treat our products with crafty love: from the choice of meat to the working time. To give you even better pieces, designed for you.

Because you, like us, like good things. And Leoni do good things.

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