La Fattoria was born in Parma from a family that has always believed in the extraordinary potential of their land and can count on 150 years of experience in making great quality cured meats. In 1968, Guido Pongolini and his wife Anna Maria, convinced that being open to change is essential to grow and improve, gave birth to a new production project: La Fattoria di Parma. And this venture is based on the historical family ham factory in Fontanellato, in the heart of Parma’s bassa. The parents were then joined by their children, Paolo and Cristina, and the company sailed up to Extreme Quality, also thanks to a company plan that increasingly aims at the care of details and generates business choices oriented to increasingly advanced objectives.

The Pongolini Family has years of experience in welcoming their guests with guided tours, tailor-made tastings and eno-gastronomic sessions, all within a very suggestive and relaxed environment. Since the initial ageing room, a special atmosphere makes every visit out of the ordinary. Under the factory’s trusses, next to the wooden shelves where Parmigiano-Reggiano is left to age, the steel of the most advanced technologies shines while, if you look up, in a photo exhibition men and women of the Parma’s bassa are pictured, their faces concentrating on and their hands busy at the pork-butchery task they are carrying out. Soft lights, a muffled silence, an atmosphere full of flavours: we are in the ageing rooms of Culatello “Re Delle Nebbie” (the king of fogs).

Follow the ageing rooms of Salame Felino and Parmigiano-Reggiano, enriched by shades and decorations, until you reach the last stop of the tour: a very modern production lab. Along this tour the visitor, guided with passion by our personnel, is introduced to the art of cured meats.

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