In 1998, the Pezzetta family has built their new premises in Fagagna, in the heart of Friuli, over an area of 3.000 m2 with offices, a fully equipped laboratory for packaging and, the most important activity of the business, a number of chill rooms equipped with innovative airing systems that allow us to create environments with different characteristics for each kind of product that we propose to our customers.

Thanks to our own Ovaro Dairy we are in the position to offer what we produce ourselves. In order to be able to propose a range of high quality dairy products to satisfy the demands of today’s market, in 2009 we opened a dairy in Ovaro, situated at an altitude of 525 m, in the heart of Alta Carnia.

A careful selection and severe control of the milk destined for production in addition to state-of-the-art technology though still respecting tradition, are the basis for the creation of dairy specialities to satisfy the demands of our customers.

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