Leader in field since 1984, Dallaglio has matured a big experience in the production of drinks and fruits juices.To guarantee its own professionalism and product quality, the company searches the best raw materials and applies strict production controls.

Sensitive to market trend Dallaglio, offers a wide range of product and services to meet every consumer’s needs.
Close to the traditional bottling line, a Cheer Pack packaging line has been started: an innovative, practical and appearance packaging solution.
Close to the traditional Dall The, natural infusion of Tea flavoured lemon and peach, the company produces functional drinks ready to be used. It produces a natural infusion of roasted coffee with sugar, in a small Cheer Pack, and soft drinks based on fruit juice integrated with vitamins, on the top ACE.

Since 1997 the plant has been authorized by the Ministry of Health for the production of drinks intended for particular sector: sugar, salt, vitamin and dietetic integrators. Dallaglio is located in Fabbrico near Reggio Emilia.
Dallaglio is controlled by CCPB (association which controls biological products) and as a consequence it can produce every product coming from raw materials of biological origin.

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