Crocedelizia is a laboratory dedicated to the processing and curing of typical charcuterie from Emilia Romagna: culatello, Parma ham, salami, sausages, greaves, strolghini (a type of ham) are just some of the specialties of Crocedelizia.

The meat processing system is hand made and the method comes from a long family tradition of butchers that allows to work in full respect of the ancient traditions, thus producing high quality charcuterie.

The area for the seasoning of the meats has been designed in a basement laboratory. To recreate the humid climate, vital for a good seasoning of meats, the masonry of the area has been coated with clay bricks used in the old cellars of the area. After the first drying, which takes place on the first floor of the laboratory, the ham is transferred in the seasoning area where it remains for a time which varies on the type salami. At the end of the seasoning period the ham is ready for sale.

In the shop in front of the laboratory you can find the Crocedelizia cured meats, a large selection of wines and a selection of delicatessen such as jams, olive oil, mustard and Parmesan cheese.

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