The present Branchi Elio e Livio company, officially founded in 1948, has distant roots. As far back as 1830, Giovanbattista Branchi realized the importance of the synergy between pork meat and the environment, and devised fresh meat processing and seasoning methods which did not strain time, but rather followed its tempo, according to the order imposed by the nature to its creatures. Such methods are still used today by Branchi Elio e Livio, as a tribute to its founder, combining the professional mastery of the past with the most accurate hygienic measures to safeguard the product’s reliability and genuineness.

Products such as ham, the genuine item par excellence, which can grow without additives and preservatives, and only requires a little salt – the salt of life – but claims a legitimate right before giving itself in: the right to ripe, under no restraint in the salubrious and still twilight of its temple, cradled by the air and the atmosphere of the Baganza Valley, a favorable ecosystem in perfect environmental equilibrium.

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