Artmenu Factory was founded at the beginning of the 80s by Mauro Fantini who understood the restaurateur’s need to make the menu cover a more adaptable and personal instrument than the previous ones, mostly produced into the printing houses.
A huge course of research started, allowing the company to discover that this item boasted an important historic path gone hand in hand with gastronomy, observing its transformation; the evocative power of the menu cover was already know in the past as an emphasizer of the banquets magnificience or as a souvenir of a defining moment lived around a table.

Inspired by a profound research and knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage of the menu, today we re-create a cured and refined product in aesthetics, grasping all the nuances that make it up to the market demands, satisfying the full range of functional and hygienic requirements of restaurant services.

The menu becomes a communication and promotion tool, a real business card for customers who can read, observe and touch it with their hands, which arouses positive feelings while waiting for the chef’s proposals.

For over twenty years we have designed menus, wine cards and hospitality products, providing a wide range of materials and solutions to meet any need, making handmade products handled in detail by wise Italian hands. Experience, professionalism, efficiency and rapidity allow Artmenu to stand out from the competition and for years it is still the leading company in the HoReCa sector, appreciated in Italy and internationally.

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